Goodnight Face Oil 30 ML


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A sumptuous nighttime face oil suitable to all skin types made with certified organic, refined safflower and camellia oil (rich in Vitamin A - retinol), infused with a proprietary blend of essential oils especially selected for their multiple dermal benefits.

Tested on willing and eager humans, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation, leaving the skin dewy and supple and its exquisite scent will be a lullaby to our senses.

To apply, spray or dampen face with a hydrosol or, simply, with mineral water, place four or five drops of oil in the palm of your hand, place a dot of oil on forehead, cheeks, jawline and base of neck, and disperse with fingertips.

Though none have been reported so far, as a precaution, test on inside of elbow to detect any allergies or sensitivities, prior to regular use.

Blended in Sydney, Australia, of locally sourced ingredients from ethical suppliers. Packaged in sustainable, reusable, recyclable containers.