About Fronde

Fronde is a natural skincare company based in Sydney’s North Shore. Our concept was inspired in the area’s abundant, verdant nature and one of the founder’s aunts, who lived a long and happy, wrinkle free life, which she attributed to a specially formulated, apothecary-made, botanical face oil exclusively created for her.


Our stylised logo symbolises a fern frond, which evokes hope, renewal, life, strength, and growth.


We source our ingredients locally, from well-established and reputable suppliers who offer organic, refined and cruelty free products. In our own lab, there will never be testing on animals, though we have already tested on a few willing humans, including one with extreme skin sensitivity, all of whom reported excellent results and have requested to continue using the products.


Our ingredients have been carefully researched and selected for their reputed rejuvenating and anti-oxidant properties. Some of them are almost as precious as gold. Our products don't have any artificial or deliberately added scents or colours. Their heavenly scent and gorgeous colour is the result of the mix of essential oils and natural bases we use.


We do not claim, like many out there, that existing wrinkles will magically and entirely disappear, but we know the skin will be optimally conditioned, instantly offering a glowing, dewy complexion, without an “oily” feeling, and that the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and scars will be reduced after a few months of using the product.  Our hand and body butter transforms the appearance of the skin and nails on hands and feet, or any other skin surface where yo might choose to apply it.


Our current products are versatile and appropriate for normal to ultra-sensitive skin, dry to oily. Because we infuse our nourishing bases with a very small percentage of potent, botanical essential oils, we recommend patch testing on individuals who might have allergic tendencies, and to avoid if they are known to have extreme allergic reactions.


We try, in every way possible, to be a sustainable enterprise. For that reason, we have chosen our vessels not only for their beauty and brand alignment, but for their durability recyclability and/or biodegradability.  


We start with three product lines which are so versatile and potent that they may well be all you need, but we will add more that we are already imagining in the near future.


Thank you for choosing Fronde and welcome to your journey to wonderful skin.