Hand and Body Butter 50 ml


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An exquisitely scented solid pomade made with a mix of luxurious certified organic botanical butters and carrier oils, cosmetic grade beeswax and our proprietary blend of essential oils at 1.5%. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Tested on willing and eager humans, it reduces the appearance of crepey skin and pigmentation, leaving the skin dewy and supple, and helps strengthen cuticles and nails.

To apply, scoop a half a pea size amount of product, place between palms to melt, and distribute over hands or any other area of skin requiring nourishment. It is specially effective as skin food to the decolletage area. Almost like magic. 

Though none have been reported so far, as a precaution, test on inside of elbow to detect any allergies or sensitivities, prior to regular use.

Blended in Sydney, Australia, of locally sourced ingredients from ethical suppliers. Packaged in sustainable, reusable, recyclable containers.